What’s in my nanny bag?!

Yesterday the girls and I experienced beautiful weather here in San Antonio right in the middle of January! What did we do In our 73 degree weather?! We went to the ZOO!! It felt soo good to experience spring weather at one of our most occupied spots in January. I wanted to share what I carried in my nanny bag yesterday, so I made a video to illustrate it on my YouTube channel no other nanny …here is the amazing bag I’m wearing!




It is a beautiful diaper bag by Elaine Turner. The dark brown snake skin and surprising pop of pink inside makes this bag amazingly attractive for any mom or nanny! The gold accents on the bag make it my kind of classy bag! My mom boss owns this bag and I definitely understand why she purchased it! I truly call it my Mary poppins bag! It holds so much stuff (which I show in my video), and the amazing cross body strap keeps your hands free (I have two little ones so a cross body is a MUST have for me!) there is a large outside pocket for easy to get to things such as pacifier, sanitizer, phone, glasses, and/keys…there are change pockets inside the bag as well, keeping your little things separated from the big things like diapers and wipes! Even if you have a day where you don’t need a lot of stuff to carry, the top half of the purse folds down making it ideal even for just a few things! Can you tell why my boss and I never leave the house without it?! I think my dad boss is pretty jealous he doesn’t have a stylish daddy bag! ūüėČ this bag was purchased from the Elaine turner boutique here in Alamo Heights! Check the video out and tell me what you think! Ps keep in mind that we went to the zoo and things I take with me vary every single day as do our excursions! A few things I left out were extra clothes, books. I keep their sunshades in my sun glass case! Don’t forget to thumbs up the video!

Yours truly,
Jada from No Other Nanny!



No Other Nanny is coming to YOUTUBE!!


I started this blog with the intentions of creating a YouTube channel first. The blog just seemed easier for me to start out with..but Ive always wanted to start a nanny youtube channel! I’m obsessed with YouTube. I go there for everything just about! EVEN nanny advice….And that’s where I found the lack of Nanny YouTube gurus!! WHY ARE THERE NONE OUT THERE?! Some May say there’s not a market/audience for it, but I beg to differ because there are tons of MOM and PARENTING YouTube gurus but none for a nanny! We are just as cool and we need someone to connect with too! I love reading other nanny blogs and following different crafts and being a part of street teams like nanny magazine, But I, a YouTube viewer wanted to be able to go to someone to visually see and connect with on another level aside from the written blogs…There IS a market for it because there are a ton of nannies in the world and the industry is growing, and we are making our debut in this profession we call our passion! It’s just always stuck with me, and after launching my nanny service (noothernanny.com) and blog, I knew that the time to add a channel was now!! Im more of a visual learner, and I understand and enjoy learning much more through visual and interactive aids, and I know Im not the only one out there! Aside from my reason and explanation as to why I decided to go in this direction, I just want everyone to know that this has been on my heart for a long time and Im FINALLY executing what I have been talking¬†about for so long!¬†I’m overly excited for what’s to come next month in January because that is when I launch!! From product reviews, to interviews and discussions with other nannies, and professionals, to DIY projects, monthly nanny favorites, and nanny round table discussions, and tutorials…can you feel my excitement?! I’m ready to represent nannies and our profession/passion through the camera and I invite you guys to continue to follow me here and now on YouTube too! I will take requests if anyone has any as well. I want this to be an interactive thing for the entire nanny community, because I believe that..well..we’re¬†kiiiind¬†of a big deal!

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God bless you all!!

No Other Nanny’s Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for your Boss and Nanny Kiddos!!


I Everyone!

I have been quite absent on my blog for sometime, but I have been working on something special for my blog and nanny placement service! I cannot wait to announce it this coming month!!

I wanted to make my annual creative Christmas gift post this month for anyone looking for inspiration and ideas on affordable but sentimental/meaningful gifts to get their employers and nanny children! I encourage you to check out the one from last year as well to give you more options:)  Well, here it is! Tweak as you please!


  1. sharpie coffee mug– I love these because they make for great personalized gifts and if your bosses are coffee and tea drinkers (mine are) then these are perfect! Hobby Lobby, or the dollar store has great shaped white mugs as well as sharpie markers you can purchase. Theyre so affordable you can get one for everyone in the family including the grandparents, and if you have a lot of time, and are pretty artistic, purchase the matching saucer, or plates, or bowls and draw something cute on that too! ¬†–You can even stuff it with some of their favorite coffee, and teas! or even a small gift card to star bucks!
  2. Recipe in a Mason Jar- Pinterest makes it easy and fun to make simple things the most precious gifts just by changing its package. Right now, mason jars are a popular thing this year and used for many things from storage, to drinking! If you have a favorite recipe or if you know one of your bosses favorite, (cookie dough, oatmeal, hot cocoa. etc) layer it into the jar, tie a ribbon around the lid and attach the recipe on the outside of it:)
  3. Packaged popcorn or Pecans- this is similar to the mason jar idea except you include pop corn (ready made or just the kernels) with the recipe attached. For the pecans there are a ton of pecan pie, or pecan soup, or honey roasted pecan recipes you can attach.
  4. Picture Frame of you and your little ones with a sweet poem, note, quote, or bible passage
  5. FREE Baby sitting coupon! -I love these! if you have some free time, give it to them early so they can go Christmas Shopping for the kiddos!
  6. Special Sentimental note in a nice picture frame!- This one I think is the best! purchase a really nice frame, and type a personal letter from you, or special quotes about them and frame it! definitely dress it up in really nice wrapping paper and gift bags. Couple it with a pretty glass of wine too! Theres no greater gift than expressing how grateful you are of them! We dont just impact their children’s lives, they impact ours too! You can even do one with you and the kids in a picture and then a special note to them in a frame as well!¬†
  7. small action figures/princesses in a plastic clear jar such as a mason jar decorated on the inside (kind of like a snow globe)- this idea is great if your little ones are lovers of princesses or action figures and the great thing is they cost anywhere between 5-7 bucks at toys are us or target! add a sweet note or even pair it with a picture frame
  8. Books in a bow! –¬†Are your little ones book readers? if so head to books a million or barnes and noble and purchase some cute, challenging, and fun books to read! maybe 3 or 4, stack them in tie a bow around them!
  9. Puzzles in a bow! –¬†Same method as the books!
  10. An Add on to something the children currently have!– These days children own xboxes, ipads, leap pads, kindles, and even dollhouses..Purchasing a new educational (my preference) game for their devices is perfect! Even a new movie with a matching mini character from the movie makes for a great gift. And as for the dollhouse, get some dolls, or doll clothes for the dollhouse They will adore it!

That wraps (no pun intended :)) my list of ideas up for this year! I hope I at least had the ability to get your brain working. I love pinterest for that main reason because if theres nothing on there Im interested in (that’s never the case) it wsa still helpful because it got my mind going! for picture examples, Id recommend going to pinterest and typing the bolded key words in (i didnt get all of these ideas from pinterest but Im almost positive they will have an illustration of some sort on there!). Whatever you guys decide to, I know your bosses and charges will LOVE it!

Merry Christmas to you all!

Jada from No Other Nanny

Have you heard of Nanny Magazine!


Yes you read that right! a new magazine made special for nannies has arrived!! We love parents magazines, and teacher magazines too because we get so much inspiration but lets be honest..The life of a nanny is different in many ways and we have our questions and concerns in different areas. Thats what motivated me to start this blog segment “theNannyknowitall” (soon to be renamed No Other Nanny)..I wanted to create another outlet that allowed me to share my passion, and profession in conjunction with all of the fun things we do (crafts, trips, etc). I also wanted to write about many issues nannies go through that sometimes gets swept under the rug such as pay, tax, contracts, disputes, cameras, discipline, things of that nature.

This is what Nanny Magazine is! the wonderful thing is their features of other nannies across the world! they showcase real nannies, doing this thing in real life! how awesome! Currently they have a site, twitter and a facebook page that I encourage nannies, and families to connect with. They have future plans to release a hard copy magazine in the near future so look out for them! What are you waiting for! http://www.nannymag.com is the site! you can thank me later

Yours Truly,

Jada, from No Other Nanny

Welcome BABY SISTER!!!

Extremely overdue…..

March 6, 2013 A new addition was added to my nanny-family! A baby girl and we were all extremely excited to meet her!!

In preparing for her arrival during the previous months, part of my job consisted of preparing “big sister” for her new role. That meant getting her excited and prepared in every possible way; and we did!! We read a number of books explaining the role of big sister and sisters in general and their relationship. We still read these books to this day. I will post the different books we are reading that we really enjoy together! Of course the age difference is two years so I will be posting many ideas of how I spend the day with these two!! So before I go off topic, the sole purpose of this post is to share a sentimental easy, and affordable gift that is from big sister to little sister…
It was very simple, yet something to cherish forever.

We made many different hand print and foot print animals, in which i put into a scrap book album and added “sister” quotes from various authors I gathered online. I included an introductory page from big sister to little sister. I was very happy that I could be included in something they could look back at when they’re older and even add to in the future. Here is what it looks like.







There’s more hand print and foot print animal art, but I wanted some of it to remain just within the family, for sentimental reasons:)…if you were looking for a great gift that could be from big sister/brother to baby sister/brother, I hope this gave some inspiration! Let me know what you think and also your ideas:)

Yours truly,
Jada-from No Other Nanny, LLC

Weekly themes!! Weather week


It’s weather week over here!! This was the perfect week in San Antonio to be weather week too, because we have gotten to experience cold, hot, cloudy, and rainy all week! Here is our rainy snack we had today! I made the clouds out of Greek yogurt and the rain out of cranberries! This is a great way to make eating fun especially if your little one isn’t too fond of snack and meals in general!! For example, my charge refuses any fruit besides blackberries and raspberries most of the time so today was definitely a risk and a battle I was nearly prepared to lose, however, she loved it! I said “look it’s raining cranberries!!” And she dipped those cranberries right into her clouds:) more crafts and snack ideas to come!!
The clouds were easy to make, I just scooped wth a spoon and formed in a puffy like fashion. Very quick and easy!
Tell me your snack ideas!
Yours truly,
Jada-the nannyknowitall

what to wear and what NOT to wear to the pool, and beach!

Image Image


Many of you have already been able to enjoy the sun by going on vacation during the winter months, but everyone is going to get to have some fun in the sun and in the water this spring and summer! whether youre hitting the beach, or the pool in your backyard, water and sunscreen is going to be a must especially if you live in any parts of the world where its really gets hot! 

If you thought there wasnt a dress code for nannies and mannies at the beach…think again! what you’d probably wear to your friends pool party or your own beach vacay with friends and family is more than likely NOT what you should wear on the job. Your job is to always be as appropriate as possible, and the way you do that when going to the beach or pool, is to¬†make sure your assets are covered¬†up at all times ladies and gentlemen!

Besides the fact that it is inappropriate to wear a two-piece bathing suit or no shirt with your swim trunks Mannies, you have to remember you will be running around these little ones, picking them up and throwing them in the water having lots of fun! not to mention those little ones grab onto you tight and you dont want them to pull at something like the string that holds everything all together or the top of your bandeau top and something ends up “popping” out! Sadly, Ive come to witness this a lot when I run into many nannies at the pool with their charges, and I have also made this mistake myself in the past. So I thought Id give a few ideas on the types of bathing suits to wear.¬†

  • Rash guards!¬†Rash guards are my absolute favorite! theyre not just for surfers! For the most part they all have an SPF of 50 or above which is great for those that burn easily or people who may be allergic to sunscreen or just dont want a tan! the come n 3/4 sleeves, and long sleeve, and you can even buy shorts or pants to go with them! they have adorable colors to choose from for women and men as well! throw on a matching baseball cap or hair in a high bun and you are good to go! your little ones probably already have a ton of these as well so its pretty fun to match with them as well :
  • ImageImage
  • 1-piece swimsuit– Not just any 1-piece (those can be very revealing too!) You know, what the lifeguards wear! but if you go to a public pool, try to avoid wearing red like they do, trust me they mistake you for one of them easily! my advise is to buy a size up just so its not tooo tight to wear your bottom is being overly exposed. I advise you to wear these under your rash guards and always keep those bottom shorts or pants on. trust me, you wont get hot with those rash guards. theyre made to keep you cool! especially the pricey ones!

Rash guards are usually sold at most sporting stores such as DICKS sporting goods, and academy. A good rule of thumb I use to ensure this is a pretty good bathing suit to wear for work, is I look at athletes such as volleyball plays, professional swimmers,  and lifeguards. This is your profession and you should always strive to be as professional as possible. More than likely the place you would normally go to to shop for that killer bikini will NOT be the place you will go to shop for your swimsuit to wear for your job! 

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